Episode 90 - Rise of the Tonsil Stone

Braden's back from tending to his crop of Coca Leaves! And Jeff is also fresh off a trip to Michigan. So get ready to hear those boys, and the ever steadfast Django, talk about this weeks books! Conversation includes Die! Die! Die! #1, Farmhand #1, The Amazing sbider-man #1, and Superman #1! Shucks, thats a lot of number ones. Join us for our weekly adventure through the illustrated fiction we know and love. If you listen closely.... you may even hear where Braden has REALLY been the last month!

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Episode 89 - Wedding Daze

This week the boys could just NOT WAIT to talk about comics… So we recorded this early and are getting it to you folks WAY early. This is the effect wedding bells can have on a person! Everybody, it was a stellar week of comics, one that reminds you how lucky we all are to get to read these! We read as many as we could before the time of recording…. This week we talk, of course, about Batman #50, Catwoman #1, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, Death of the Inhumans #1, Man of Steel #6, and Captain America #1. Thanks for hanging with us for 89 episodes; we hope you enjoy getting this episode reeeeeal early!

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Episode 88 - Thorgi

The comic shop collective celebrates some new beginnings and the passing of an era this week, as we all prepare for the big wedding next week. That’s right! In this episode we exist existentially trapped on an island in time where we don’t know what happens in Batman and Catwoman’s wedding! But that’s next week… this week, we’re talking Man of Steel #5, Multiple Man #1, Moon Knight #169, Venom #3, Prelude to the Wedding #5 Joker and Harley, and Astro City #52.

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Episode 87 - Keep Move'n Forward

It’s another day, another dollar with our boys. Although, lets be frank, this week we had to re-record the first 3rd of the podcast due to technical troubles. Those “technical troubles” didn’t stop Django, Roman, & Jeff from talking about this weeks books though. Prepare for banter-filled conversations about Shanghai Red #1, The Beef #5, Batman #49, Justice League #2, Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, Lost City Explorers #1, and a bunch more!

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Episode 86 - The Secrete History of The Comics Place

The 3 perfectly acceptable stalwarts gather around the communal table to discuss a fantastic week of comic books. Roman Django and Jeff ruminate on such books as The Magic Order #1, Doctor Star #4, A Walk Through Hell #2, and Mister Miracle #9. Trigger Warning: the word “secrete” comes up in this episode of the podcast… like… a lot…. So sorry in advance….

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Episode 85 - And All Was Right With The World

It happened folks. After trials and tribulations big and small, Braden, Jeff, Django, and Roman are reunited to talk about the week's books. And what a week it was! Justice League #1, Sword Daughter #1, the finale to Snagglepuss even! (please read in snagglepuss' voice). So pull up a chair, get yourself some cocoa, and relax as the boys fix the timeline once and for all.

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Episode 84 - The Timeline Is Broken!

Hey Everybody! Colette's here this week! And she's pack'n! This week Jeff, Roman, and Colette talk about the weeks books and mourn the passing of Grass Kings. One of the best books nobody was reading. We also talk about Amazing Spider-Man #800, Doomsday Clock #5, Man of Steel #1, and many more. Also Django makes ones of the most bizarre and surprising guest appearances of all time....

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Episode 83 - Welcome to the Buckshot

Welcome! And join us on this island of time, in the ocean we call Django’s absence.  We’re no more happy about it than you are, but its necessary! Fortunately he had the courtesy of calling in with a buckshot. We, and he, talk about Jimmy T's final issue of Detective Comics, Black Panther #1, Iron Man #600, Back Hammer Age of Doom #2, and so so much more! People are in much better spirits than last week....

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Episode 82 - GrumpCast 2018

Wowza, Jeff, Braden, & Roman each bring a different “G” emotion to the table this week. The absence of their fearless leader spins the boys into a chaotic storm of emotions. They do manage, however, to talk about a handful of this weeks comics including Batman #47, Punisher #224, Justice League No Justice #2, Superman Special #1, 7 X-men Red #4. They of course talk about other things. Lots of other things. Django’s gone for a couple weeks folks… we’re only barely getting by….

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Episode 81 - Justin-Sized Extravaganza!

Welcome all! Join Jeff, Roman, and Django this week as Justin makes a triumphant Giant-Sized return to the podcast. We also really play out our new affinity for pronouncing “Symbiote” like they do in the new Venom Trailer. And between strange pronunciations we celebrate Justin’s visit by talking about No Justice #1, Venom #1, Isola #2, & Batman White Knight #8. We of course talk about a variety of other things, additional books included. Like, did you know Justin used to tape a plastic squirrel to the front of his bike? Well you could….

But be weary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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Episode 80 - Braden's Great Goof

Listen ya’ll, we toss around how clever Braden is on this podcast quite a bit. But this week Braden makes a joke reference so deep and profound, its become the first sentence in he episode description. Required knowledge, known Comics Place employee Chris Clow, and that Djnago’s name has a silent “D” at the beginning. Timestamp: 32:00. Django Braden Jeff and Roman talk about this weeks books, including Avengers #1, DC Nation #0, Coda #1, and Snagglepuss #5. Listen to Jeff totally disregard the time constraints of a buckshot round, and go way overboard on talking about Shield #1.​​​​​​​ Also, the secret origin of Catwoman-Man, Jeff Figley.

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