Episode 127 - Swallowing The Worm

Oh yeah, folks! Episode 127 is here and Colette sits in for an episode alongside Jeff and Justin. And, I’m not gonne lie, it’s a spicy one! Coom studios brought the heat this week in the form of Faithless #1, along with several other real good books. We’ve got War of the Realms Journey into Mystery #1, Symbiote Spider-man #1, Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1, Wonder Twins #3, Batman #68, & Fairlady #1. Along with others, oh and ALSO?! We got a voicemail for you! A mighty good one at that! All in all, 127 is a winner.

Be wary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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