Episode 132 - Papa Braden's Story Time

Folks! Join Roman, Jeff, & Django as we gather round for Papa Braden’s story time! That’s right, much like Rodimus Prime unlocking the matrix of leadership, Braden returns to light our darkest hour. Jeff clearly can’t remember what kinds of donuts Braden likes… and also, I’m sorry folks, but I think I lost a goof Django made about a poo-donut? Or a #2 donut? Or something… anyway I told him halfway through the cast it wasn’t getting cut but It seems to have gone missing… I digress! We talk about War of the Realms Journey Into Mystery #3, Dial H for Hero #3, Flash #71, Unstoppable Wasp #8, Ghost Tree #2, & Runaways #21. And a bunch of others… Sit at Pop-Pops feet with us and listen to his tales!

Be wary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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