Episode 135 - Plumbing the Depths: With Roman & Jeff

Well Folks, when the funny rats are away, the melancholic introspective rats come out and play! And that’s just what Roman and Jeff do this week. These two talk about this week’s books, ya know, what got them excited? What made them FEEL things? What did and didn’t they like?! They’re talking Superman Year One #1, Daredevil #7, Teen Titans #31, Usagi Yojimbo #1, Batman #73, and a ton more. But they also take a few minutes near the end to take it down to a comfortable level, an “inside voice” if you will, and talk about a more serious side of reading comics. Come along!

Be wary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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