Episode 146 - Omni-Cheddar Pig Sounds

Alright folks, sometimes this podcast has a tendency to go off the rails while discussing the hot hot comic books that came out each week. THIS WEEK, I’m sorry but we start nowhere near the rails. Welcome to the nightmare tent everybody, the star attraction? Django & Roman’s horrifying pig sounds. So yeah, it’s Jeff, Django, Justin, & Roman and they’re ready to talk about comics…. And pig sounds… nightmarish… horrifying… sleep stealing… pig sounds…. Check out the time stamps below to make sure and skip any books you don’t want spoiled!

00:05:19 – Something is Killing the Children #1

00:14:00 – Doomsday Clock #11

00:23:46 – Spawn #300

00:29:05 – House of X #4

00:40:42 – Millennium Legion of Superheroes #1

00:51:12 – Berserker Unbound #2

00:56:06 – Everything #1

01:03:06 – Doom Patrol Weight of the World #3

01:08:53 – Savage Avengers #5

SPOILERS! Tread carefully dear listener, because we’re going to talk about what happened in these books. So maybe pause this, read your books, and come back. We’ll still be here!

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