Episode 149 - Let Your Hair Down

The boys let their hair down for once, and really let themselves get comfortable for a change. This week Roman, Django, & Jeff gather one last time around the PAP Table to talk about the weeks books. Django plays a nasty trick on Jeff, and manages to get him to talk about Powers of X longer than he means… Jeff sound insensitive… And we answer some listener mail that dives into the past of the PAP Crew.

00:04:36 – The plot #1

00:13:10 – SFSX #1

00:19:59 – New Mutants: War Children #1

00:27:09 – Action Comics #1015

00:36:12 – White Trees #2

00:42:30 – Harleen #1

00:49:59 – Powers of X #5

00:59:42 – Voicemail!

SPOILERS! Tread carefully dear listener, because we’re going to talk about what happened in these books. So maybe pause this, read your books, and come back. We’ll still be here!

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