Episode 112 - Dissenting Batman Opinions

This week’s podcast is like no other episode of this podcast… Yes Django, Roman, Justin, and Jeff are all reunited, but that’s not uncommon. This week we record under the looming shadow of Batman. First things first, if you want to skip Magic Order #5 avoid spoilers like we said, skip ahead to minute 26:00. Right on the dot! Okay, we spend the first half of this weeks podcast talking about the weeks books ie: Miles Morales Spider-Man #1, Outer Darkness #2, The Lone Ranger #3, The Magic Order #5, and The Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1. We spend the second half talking about the 4 Bat books this week, of which there were VERY differing opinions. Sorry everybody, but we get on the negative train a little bit here. We forgive you if you’re tired of hearing about Batman so feel free to skip the very rowdy & disagreeing conversations about Detective Comics #994, Batman Annual #3, The Batman Who Laughs #1, & Batman Damned #2. That last one gets loud, angry, and curse filled. Also, this is our first week recording in the new podcast studio, so thanks for baring with us as we get used to the new rooms acoustics.  

Be wary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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