Episode 123 - Roman's Mortality

Roman and Jeff are without the 2 comedy dynamo’s this week, so they sit down to very seriously, and very soft-spokenly discuss the weeks books. You’ll find no comedy here! But make yourself a nice cuppa’ tea, find a safe dimly lit space, and pour over the weeks books (with your eyes… not the tea…) We’ve got a lot on the docket this week including Little Bird #1, Assassin Nation #1, Age of Conan Belit #1, Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, and So much more! Join us, won’t you? Oh wow, that’s a great sign off line… maybe I’ll use that more form now on…

Be wary of SPOILERS! There are a lot of them. So read these books before you listen to this podcast.

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