PAPCAST Presents... Episode X

This is it! The moment you may or may not have been looking forward to! Just Justin and Jeff sit down to talk about Jonathan Hickman’s House of X & Powers of X Comic run. It gets hot and heavy, don’t think of this as a review, and certainly don’t look to these boys for answers! This is Jeff and Justin sorting out the muck, praising the series, and tossing fanciful ideas out of whats to come. SIDE NOTE: At the time of recording, only the first 5 issues have come out. The boys will be discussing House of X #1 & #2, and Powers of X #1, #2, & #3.

SPOILERS! Tread carefully dear listener, because we’re going to talk about what happened in these books. So maybe pause this, read your books, and come back. We’ll still be here!

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