Subscriber Benefits

When you subscribe at The Comics Place, you get some perks. Like up to 20% off comics and trade paperbacks 20% off all comic supplies, half off variant covers, free comics when you get a letter to the editor published. We also have some rules you've gotta follow in order to take full advantage of our subscriber program. You can view a full list of perks and rules here or see below for some of the details.


You may qualify for discounts!

If you subscribe to 10 or more monthly series, you qualify for a 10% discount on all comics and trade paperbacks you buy.

In order to keep your discount, you've got to clear out your file once a month and give us a 2-issue heads up if you want to stop getting a title. That's it! Easy peasy.

Do you buy a TON of comics every week? ask us about our increased discounts.


Half off variants!

If there is a new variant cover on our shelf that is marked up, subscribers get half off the marked price. For example, you would pay only $5 for a new variant marked at $10.

Marked up variants are limited, so let us know in advance if there's a specific cover you've got your eyes on. We'll do our best to save it for you. They're first come, first served, so don't dilly dally.


Write a letter, get a free comic

If you get published in the letters page of a comic, we'll give you a copy free*! Send it to your mom or frame it or something. So get writing! Tell those creators how cool you think they are. Or how disappointed you are.

*Up to a $4.99 value.